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Hi Lovelies! Hope you guys are good 🙂 Recently I visited our jeweller with my mom and saw these very eye-catching coloured stones there. I bought two of them with me and I was just too excited to share them with you all! How many of you actually believe in stars and lucky birth stones? Have you ever wondered why that may be? History shows that we are often drawn to the gemstones and crystals that we need in our life. And they say that coloured stones are often subjected to various treatments. In modern times, gemstones are mainly used for ornamental purposes. However, some people still believe that certain gemstones have health benefits. Some use them as a part of their spiritual practices to restore energy fields, gain peace, and promote love and safety. Whereas some gain health benefits from the coloured stones can be as simple as wearing a piece of jewellery made with a specific gem.

Coloured Stones

Coloured Stones 

Well, the one I picked up from my jewellers shops, was Emerald. I just loved it. Emerald is the most abundant hue in nature and has many  special qualities, but coloured stone professionals or gemologists generally agree that emeralds are, most of all, about colour. Emerald has been the standard for green among coloured stones for thousands of years. it’s blueish green colour is the most important quality factor. The most desirable emerald colours are blueish green to pure green, with the vivid colour saturation and tone that’s not too dark. Also, the most-prized emeralds are highly transparent. Their colour is evenly distributed, with no eye-visible colour zoning. Remember if the hue is too yellowish or too bluish, the stone is not emerald, but a different variety of beryl, and its value drops accordingly. As with other coloured stones, it requires a well-trained eye to recognize these stones. (I’m no pro with all them, all the info that I’m sharing here is what the jeweller has told me! of course I trust him :P)  Sometimes subtle variations that make significant differences in emerald value. This is especially true in the higher qualities. Emerald appearance is sometimes associated with its mine location. It is said that columbium emeralds are warmer and more intense pure green colour whereas, Zambian emeralds are cooler, more bluish-green colour.

Clarity: Clarity for coloured stones will be graded by the same nomenclature as diamonds. However, some coloured stones naturally grow with more inclusion. Emerald is graded in type 3. It typically contains inclusion that are visible to the unaided eyes. Eye-clean emeralds are especially valuable because they’re so rare. And that’s true. I have never seen them before especially in Peshawar.

Cuts: Cuts for coloured stones will examine the properties and finish looking at factors such as depth, outline balance, bulge, windowing, extinction, polish and symmetry. The most popular cut is the square or rectangular step cut called the emerald cut. this well-cut stone maximize the beauty of the emerald’s colour to create a bright, lively stone.

Here are the pictures of what I bought from Ahmed Jewellers;

Coloured Stones

As mentioned, This one is for Two Thousand One Hundred and Ninety Dollars!

Coloured Stones

And this one is for One Thousand Three Hundred and Ninety Dollars!


Coloured Stones Coloured Stones Coloured Stones

Gemstone: Emerald

Treatment: Oil, Opticon or other polymer Resins

Frequency: Usually

Stability: Fair to Good

Care of Gem: Caution

Few tips and Advice If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Natural emerald generally has inclusion. A well priced gem that appears flawless in clarity is considered suspect as it is likely to be synthetic.  The most Important, work with the jeweller you trust. Judging the quality of emerald requires expertise. A jeweller who knows and loves emerald will definitely have several to show you so you can see the different qualities side by side. You can visit Ahmad Jewellers if you reside in Peshawar, Pakistan. His shop is located in Deans Trade centre. He has all the original coloured stones, tested my the lab and expert gemologists!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know below in the comments, if you believe in coloured stones? :] 




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