Traditional is never out of fashion

Traditional is never out of fashion. So here’s Some serious Khussa Loving! These handmade leather shoes are called khussa. These are exquisitely embroidered and indeed qualify as art on feet. And i love how khussas are coming back into fashion. No doubt Pakistan has rich diverse culture. Khussa is crafted hand made footwear and is a part of Pakistani culture. It’s one of those cultural and traditional items that are unaffected by fashion and trends. Pakistan has always been popular in providing beautiful khussas with high quality leather. My love for khussas will never go away. I could wear these ‘every single day’ for the rest of my life.  That’s how much I love them.

How cute and festive are these traditional khussas? <3


Traditional is never out of fashionTraditional is never out of fashion


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